A bit about me


I graduated in 2018 with a BA HONS in Creative Contemporary Practice. I spent my final year focusing on abstract painting and photography, drawing particular inspiration from the Abstract Expressionist, Adolph Gottlieb.

The goal of Gottliebs later works was to use the simplest form in order to convey the complexity of life, exploring the emotional effects of colours and of space and I endeavour to follow this principle in my work. Since graduating, I have been experimenting further by blending photographic images with my paintings using Photoshop to create unique digital images.

My most recent work is the Yoga collection, inspired by my love of yoga and meditation . For me, yoga is all about connectivity to oneself and the wider world, and so with this in mind  I decided to design a calendar, with the profits of all the sales going to the grassroots charity Phone credit for refugees. This charity supports asylum seekers and refugees separated from their families by war and conflict. It provides mobile phone top ups so they can stay in touch with their families, communicate with support agencies and stay safe. It is a humanitarian response organisation, volunteer led and run. All money raised goes phone credit. The calendar went on sale in Nov 2019 and raised almost £400. All details of this can be found on my Facebook page at jezlisterart.

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